Let's make the domain selection process a whole lot simpler

We offer you instalment options for all of our domains, allowing you to offer the terms that best suit you. In short, we want to help get your grand idea started as quickly as possible.

Where great ideas get great names

Too many times great ideasare hindered because entrepreneurs and small businesses can’t afford to buy their perfect name outright.

Too many times buyers are having to pay more than they should because they are utilising brokers on commission.

And lastly, too many times buyers do not have a clear price set to a domain before entering negotiations.

Taking on board all these points, we decided to create StarterNames, a simplified platform that helps, not hinders, business owners and domain buyers get the right name, at the right price with payment terms offered by the buyer, not the seller.

We work on the human touch. Every domain we sell is owned by ourselves and we don’t hide under any proxies. When you make an offeryou talk direct with us. There is a name and a face behind each of our names.

Every name we sell has been carefully selected for it's value and brand validity towards it's desired niche. As a general rule, we don't sell any names that we wouldn't use for a brand ourselves.

We do not set fixed instalment terms, instead we prefer to get to know you and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Need 3 years to pay? No problem, Let’s talk about it and make it happen.

Although we find buyers usually prefer to buy the name of their choice outright, it is our mantra to put the cards in your hands- not ours.

Great Domains

We work hard with name consultants to carefully select great names that will confidently build international brands

Interest-free Installments

Love a name of ours but do not have the upfront budget? No problem. We offer interest-free installments on all of our names.

Transparant Pricing

All our domains are prices start from $800usd and never exceed $8,000usd. The perfect sweet spot for us to source the best quality startup domain names for your startup. You do not need to waste your time with price enquiries as you already know our pricing budgets.

No Hidden Fees

The price you see is exactly the price that you pay. We handle all of the associated escrow fees if the sale is processed via Escrow.com

Direct Selling

We own all the domain names of all of the names we sell. No brokers, no intermediaries. Just Starter Names and you directly.

Secure Transactions

We use secure Escrow services on all of our domains such as  Escrow.com and Epik.com. We don't take any card details on our website and will never ask to do so.

Meet the Starter Namer

StarterNames is led by Liz Jamri of Enegi Ventures. Liz shares a passion for positive domain values and has advised everyone from small businesses to multi-million dollar institutions on the necessity of the right domain name.

Liz Jamri
The Starter Namer

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